Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Clever Idea

What a great idea!
I found this company on facebook not long ago and thought...hummmm one of these days I may order this to put a gift in.Personagiftpail.com is the name of the company and it is too much fun! A million ideas flew through my head and then it occured to me,The Triumph Gala that we sponsor would be a great reason! With today's economy it is becoming harder and harder to get donations for the silent auction. So when we see or think of a good idea,we jump on it. I think this idea will be so much fun and get some interest,and hopefully some dollars as well.

When I saw the pink hair I knew it would be perfect since the Gala is to raise money in order to provide wigs for every cancer patient at our local cancer care facility.
When the box arrived I couldn't wait to open it. What a great idea they have come up with. They have lots of great choices. First decision is whether you want your can to be a man or a women and than it's what color hair do you want.

They give you loads of ideas and you can then take it even further and add hats,scarves,even crowns or tiara's. You could turn it into a pirate,a golfer,a doctor,or even a baby with a pacifier. So many fun options....you may end up like me with dozens of ideas running through your head.

I thought this cute little pink haired lady would be perfect with beauty supplies inside for the silent auction table. I just know there's a pretty pink nail polish just screaming to be included. The hardest part for me will be deciding on the facial features. They sent two packets of stickers with all sorts of features and accessories. The kit also includes the shredded filling for inside the can for your gift item,and it came in the perfect pink color!

As a special surprise they sent me a set Easter bunny ears and nose. I think I have a couple of good ideas on how to put them to good use.... real soon! Now it's on to the shopping to fill this silly can with lots of goodies. I plan to share the finished product as well as all the details and photos of this great event in May.


  1. Too, too clever. Have a wonderful week, Rebecca - Tanya

  2. how cuute!
    i cant wait to see your designs for the faces (:

  3. Oh, that looks like great fun!! What an ingenious idea! Happy crafting! :)

  4. Haha, these are so cute <3

  5. Coolness, thanks for sharing!!! :)

  6. Hey, Rebecca - dropped you a few emails that you might want to check. Thanks, Tanya

  7. This is such a cute idea Rebecca! So many possibilities!