Tuesday, April 19, 2011

We have a completed commercial for the Triumph Gala that benefits breast cancer. The date for this years event is May 6th (Oaks Night) from 8 pm -1am.
My son's construction company helps sponsor this important event. This year as part of our donation we gave the Gala some of our contracted TV air time to run their first commercial. Our local CBS station WLKY in Louisville Ky did a great job putting this together.
I think this was very brave of this beautiful lady to do this commercial.We know she is one tough cookie with all she has been through.She told me she wanted people to realize that many people go about living with cancer. Thankfully cancer isn't the death sentence it once was years ago. Today more and more people are beating this terrible disease,and living long full lives.
That's why we come together and celebrate LIFE ! I wish you all could join us.


  1. Suonds like a great event - wish I lived closer! Happy Tuesday, Rebecca - Tanya

  2. This is a wonderful thing your son's construction company does! The commercial is great...what a very pretty young lady, hair or no hair! And what an important message! Hope lots turn out for the event...I wish I lived closer too! Theanne