Thursday, October 27, 2011

The One Day A Year We All Act Like Kids

         Our annual family Halloween party is this weekend. We don't usually do anything huge just a few family and friends. It's mostly for the kids.....which means everyone one of us becomes a kid on this day every year.

So I wanted to share a few more great finds that I plan to make. Six in the Suburbs has done it again. Here is what I think will be a great cocktail for the adults and I use that title loosely since I've heard what many of the adults will be wearing this year. It's called Witches Brew and it looks and sounds delish!!
But now I want it to look just like this with the smoke and all.....oh well that probably wouldn't be safe. Don't the spiders give it a great creepy touch......I truly hate spiders,but they are a great Halloween decor item. But we arachnophobia people don't even like the plastic pretend kind either!

  How About Orange always has tons of great ideas and I usually stop here first when I am blog hopping.This trash bag decorating idea just blew me away. I love cheap and I love easy....and well that sounds odd because I am not either.....well haha maybe I am after all. But I have to admit this idea looks great and I will give it a try for the party. We are going to set up a haunted path though a little wooded area for the little ones,so I may use white trash bags so they will show up. After all it really wouldn't be Halloween if we adults can't scare the kids a little bit.....I'm just kidding....or am I? Mooohahaha!!
Every party has to have bottle labels. I have already printed some and they are ready to place on the bottles for the kiddos. I love Halloween Labels they are easy and quick and the kids love them. Makes a common bottle of juice or pop so much more special. Rather scary actually when you think about how quick the kids come running for a bottle of spooky zombie potion!
I also wanted to share one of my easy,and cheap Halloween costume from a few years ago. A walking stick figure. It's the only time in my life that I've ever really felt thin! I teased for years that I needed to find a way to market my idea.....then dang gone it!!!! Someone beat me to it. Amy saw them at our local Target, not as cute as mine of course!! If anyone would like to make this to wear it's very easy, but takes a little time and patience.
First I used a black turtleneck and black knit pants.....for comfort as well as easy to stitch. Using black thread I simply top-stitched by hand over the glow sticks and added a teeny tiny dab of low heat glue to each end of the glow sticks. I actually waited until the glue was cooling a bit before laying the glow stick on it. I didn't want to see glow gunk running down my arms and legs. I made a circle for my head and held it on with hair clips on top of my head. Then a quick pair of glasses for eyes using the glow bracelets to complete the look.
I have to tell you everyone stopped me as we walked the kids around the neighborhood. I even did a quick dance for some who had their camera phones out. Who knows where those videos ended up!
It must have look really funny to see a stick figure walking toward them because we could hear people holler and scream with laughter as we approached each street.
I had a was my best costume ever!!


  1. your imagination knows no the stick clever! I love that your family does the Halloween thing together every year...fantastic!

  2. You are, without a doubt, the cutest lil' person EVER! HAPPY HALLOWEEN, Rebecca, to you & your family!

  3. Happy Halloween Rebecca! The stick person looks very smart!