Friday, November 11, 2011

What A Nice Surprise

                     Sorry I have been missing in action lately,but as you know we are now entering the busy season. Some days I feel as if all I do is run in circles.....and with scissors in my hand no less. Oh that reminds me of a funny story from a few years ago. No one can ever believe this when I tell it,but a few years ago I actually did poke myself in the eye with....drum roll please....nail scissors, ta dah!! Yes,yes I did. So when I was at the emergency room I casually said "well that will teach me to run with scissors" the doctor looked up at me and said "were you really running with scissors?" I laughed and said "no but doesn't that sound better than I had scissors in my hand and forgot and poked myself in the eye?" Sad but true story and believe me I got a million of them! Well I certainly have veered off the topic, so back to my surprise.

Yesterday Apartment Therapy under their children's section called featured a darling child's bedroom from Natchez Mississippi. I was so excited to actually see the final result of one of my customer's redecorating project. She mentioned to me that she wanted the campfire for a non-working fireplace in her 16 month old son's bedroom. I asked her to please send me some photos because I would love to see how it all turns out.

And boy did she! She notified me yesterday that my Campfire was included in a feature showing her son's bedroom. Oh what a fun moment,and what a darling bedroom! I love the phone booth door next to the cozy brick fireplace. She cleverly tied it all together with a multi colored ottoman and a black and white striped rug. Such a bright and cheery room I just love it!! Click on the above link to see more photos and read about the process. She really did a great job creating a room that any child (or adult for that matter)would love to live in,boy or girl.

Then I discovered that my customer Vickie also has a beautiful blog called All Through The Looking Glass. I always enjoy discovering new blogs,as I'm sure most of you do. Stop by and visit her blog when you have sometime.
Also the holiday's are just around the corner so if you are looking for some awesome, unique gifts then remember to shop Etsy. I know Etsy is where I go first,and I have never disappointed!


  1. Leif's bedroom is absolutely fabulous! I love your camp fire in his for him to play with. Oh my I've stuck things in my eye too but never scissors...hope your eye has healed!

  2. KUDOS to you!!! I LOVE the fabulous new header, too! I've been MIA also, and just updated my own blog the other day...Happy weekend, Rebecca!