Saturday, November 19, 2011

Halloween Fun and Foolishness

           I wanted to share a few photo's from our annual Halloween party,before the season is too far in the past. Like all parties we had our fair share of the goofy,the gruesome and the comical to say the least.
Does anyone notice the crazy surgeon behind us?
My youngest son who loves most all holiday's gets especially excited about Halloween......he is worse than the kids in fact! He has always been our comedian and so a costume party really allows him to shine! It wouldn't be a party to the kiddos if Uncle JJ isn't there to entertain them. In past years he has come as Richard Simmons, a Gladiator, a knight, Kevin Federline, just to name a few. His wife is always the companion to whatever he is so it is always something we all look forward to.

This year he was Batman. He remained in complete character for most of the evening,only answering to the name,Batman. The kids loved it! He was a riot!! He had worked on this costume for weeks and weeks. He purchased it from a costume store who had a going out of business sale for a super low price. However it didn't have quite the look he wanted so he repainted the entire outfit,adding the silver here and there to give it a stronger look.
Notice in his left hand. He is holding what looks like a simple black box. No, No this was his theme music in fact which he played wherever he walked. His entrance was hysterical!! I honestly can't remember when we have all laughed this hard.....he as usual was the star of the show!
Of all the costumes they have and bought new this year this is what my two youngest grandson's decided to come as.First the little ninja warrior on the left was suppose to be Harry Potter,and the clown on the right was in fact a zombie I was corrected many times. He looked pitiful,like a sad homeless clown.
I asked him what on Earth happened to his new costume and why two different shoes. He reminded me that he had to mess it up because he was a zombie clown,and after all zombie clowns wouldn't have nice matching shoes! So now I feel a tad more educated on the correct appearance of zombie's. Really all the kids wanted to do was go and jump in the inflatable bungee basketball unit that we rented. So getting them to stop for photos was difficult.

Of course we had a zombie bride and groom, the place was over flowing with zombies. And a sweet and darling little exercise Barbie,who was freezing her multi colored leg warmers off haha!

Batman also brought his wife Super Girl, a rather mixed marriage of sorts. Sadly Batman kept upstaging Super Girl every chance he got. He nearly knocked her over on many occasions when he would expand his wings............ I guess what I'm saying is we have lots of photos of Batman.
 My oldest son and daughter in law came as a quack surgeon and his unfortunate patient. I personally don't like gruesome costumes I prefer funny or cute. The kids all love the whole scary, bloody,ghoulish part of Halloween,I just like to be more like a Disney cartoon,yes I am very "G" rated!!

A long time friend of the boys and who also works for us at the construction company came dressed as a knight and his lady in waiting. And since they aren't married yet I guess you could say she really is still waiting!

Batman's arch enemy arrived before too long,The Joker! The Joker later said he made a note to himself that makeup would have been much better than a sweaty mask. I for one hate to ever wear a mask of any kind,it's always something you regret about ten minutes into the party.

I thought when this fellow arrived that it was a monkey from the Planet of the Apes,but in fact I was so very wrong. He was our local bridge inspector,who had determined that our aging bridge has some serious problems, with a clip board to prove it. This probably won't be funny to all of you,but to us it was a huge laugh since we have a major bridge that has been closed. This has caused us two and three hour commutes to Louisville Ky,which usually only takes 30, 40 mins. So rush hour traffic and rode rage has been a lot of fun.
We never realized that Snow White was in fact married to the Joker, but it is true.....the Joker is her Prince Charming!
The scary quack surgeon couldn't resist trying to steal our photo moments. I work with him daily so I seem rather immune to his shenanigan's don't I? I must admit my kids are fun,and everyday that God allows me to be with them....which in fact is everyday, I am very blessed and very grateful!
A motley crew in deed!
We had a scary trail to walk through the woods once it got dark. Where most of the high school theater kids hid and jumped out to scare the littler ones. They would scream and holler and when it was over beg to do it again. They nearly wore out the teenagers which I didn't think was possible.
I couldn't tell at the time if this was a real person or not,but in the dark it scared the patooty out of me.
As the evening went on Batman Challenged Barbie to a game of Dance Central.
You know it's serious when Batman removes his mask for all to see...haha!
It was the true highlight of the evening. I have to say all of our family parties are centered around the kids,their friends are always included and many of them practically live there on the weekends. We all realize that these kids are only small for a very short time. So participating in activities that are fun for them makes for some very happy kids, who don't mind being at home with their parents and extended family.

In the end Barbie beat the wings off of Batman. So I predict that there will be another challenge in the near future,because Batman doesn't like to lose to any of his arch enemy's especially a Barbie in leg warmers!


  1. Hi Rebecca...I always enjoy the photos of your family parties...these are GREAT! Super costumes!
    And a good time was had by all!

  2. Some people had a really good time there! We celebrate our carnival in February and we get dressed with funny costumes like this. I guess I will have to wait a little bit more for the fun!