Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Burst Of Color and Sugar Cookies

        What's not to love about fall! The cooler temps for one thing and the jaw dropping beauty of the trees as they change. It makes my drive into work so much more enjoyable. And believe me when I tell you there aren't many enjoying their drives into work these days. One of our major bridges to Louisville Ky is out of commission. First it was indefinitely, now they believe it will be closed until years end. Makes me wonder just how safe all of our aging bridges are in this country. 

For me, nearly half of my trip to work is in the country so I just sit back and enjoy the process. Each and everyday there are brilliant changes to take your breath away. It is amazing how suddenly they go from just plain ole trees to majestic, brilliant trees bursting with color!
Well okay maybe I'm just easy to please!

I'm always carrying my camera with me this time of year, but rarely am I able to pull over and take a photo of the ones that amaze me the most.......much to my frustration. In the morning as the sun comes up it can make some of these trees look like the are engulfed in flames!
I love the contrast here of the bright orange and the deep burgundy.
 This week I've been web surfing looking for crafts and recipes to make this time of year. I found this cookie idea from one of my favorite blogs to visit, Rosy-Posy she always has great ideas. These Fall Leaf Sugar Cookies are spectacular.

Don't these look great and I think they are simple enough for even me to make. They would be just yummy with a hot cup of tea.

The kids are having a Halloween party this year so I hope to make these to take with me. Oh wouldn't these be beautiful on Thanksgiving Day too. Sometimes you fill up too much with the meal that a slice of pie for dessert is just to much.....but one of these sugar cookies would be just enough.

Years and years ago I hosted an afternoon luncheon with some girlfriends and it was in the fall. I decided to try something I had seen in a Victoria magazine. It was grilled bread slices served along with a salad. The bread was cut in shapes of leaves using a cookie cutter. Then you just grilled them like you would grill a cheese sandwich. They came out a golden brown and were a great touch with a salad instead of crackers or croutons.
My husband's field camera set up down at the creek has captured lots of critters.
A good shot of maybe one or two years old. We are really enjoying this camera!
Say cheese ladies!
We're pretty sure this is a fox,one of my favorites.I wish I could get a good shot of an owl too!
 Well I think it's time to take a hike down to my one and only pitiful persimmon tree,and try and grab me a treat before the deer get them all.......again!


  1. I miss living somewhere that the leaves turn in the fall...or someplace with real trees, period! Happy fall, Rebecca - beautiful photos! XO - Tanya

  2. Fantastic fall post Rebecca...trees aflame, fall colored cookies and the deer! Perfection! I now enjoy fall by visiting blogs like yours!

  3. Forgot to say that I LOVE your campfire header!

  4. Oh, THANK YOU for sharing these photos of the gorgeous trees! I love Fall trees ALMOST as much as Christmas trees. We don't have a single colored leaf (except GREEN ones) here, and with the unusually warm temps, I don't know if we will this year. So yours made my day! I also bookmarked the cooky recipes on Rosy Posy! YAY! And WOW to the photos of the deer and fox. What a happy post from such a sweetheart!

  5. You did well with the fox. The trees are really bursting with colors, amazing. I think the joy of living in a place that has the four seasons are the changing of the seasons. And the cookies are colourful yummy!