Wednesday, October 17, 2012

In Love With Fall But NOT Spiders

Some examples of leaves from down at the creek. I love the contrast against the purple bench.

          It happens every year and still I remain in awe of how incredibly brilliant the trees become this time of year. I am a mid-west girl at heart and I guess couldn't imagine God's amazing color display this time of year. Some mornings as I drive into work the trees look as if they have been set ablaze as the sun comes up!
I took this photo on a back road while waiting for a train to pass.

Is it just me or do your tastes change with the seasons? This time of year I'm loving squash,persimmons,caramel apples, and pumpkin roll....well actually pumpkin anything! But it's no wonder since we are totally surrounded with the most amazing yellows,oranges,and crimson reds.

Since I'm talking about all things fall I must confess something else. You see I have a passion for fall leaves, pine cones, but especially acorns. If you walked into either my office or my work room and opened just about any book you will most likely find a few colorful leaves pressed inside.

 I just can't help myself they are just too pretty to walk past. Besides I might just need a few for a project someday. Ha! Ha! yes I'm well aware that is what all hoarders say on that reality TV show!

Who could resist picking this up?!
 I also may be the only women in America who has ever boxed up and moved a (decent size haha) collection of acorns before! More than likely my purse has a few acorns in the bottom of it from a walk to the car and back. I hoard them like a squirrel or..... like just maybe they aren't going to make them anymore. Oh well we all have something we do that makes us unique......don't we!

And one more quick item I want to share with you. I recently saw a quick and easy way to make spiderwebs for your Halloween decor. Our local Ben Franklin shared this on their facebook page and I just had to try it.

 They couldn't be easier. Simply squirt Elmer's Glue on a piece of wax paper in the shape of a web and then sprinkle any color glitter you like over the glue while it's still wet.

Once it completely dries peel it off of the wax paper and voila you have a pose-able web to add to your decor. They are really very glittery the photo doesn't do them justice. The one thing I won't add is a spider!! Nope no spiders in my decor EVER!! I once threw out a brand new National Geographic magazine because it had a spider on the cover.....yep you guessed it I have a few other small quirks to deal with =)


  1. Your acorn collection reminds me of my sea shell and pebble collections. I never leave the beach without a small shell with a tiny bit of sand in it to remind me that I will return. Purse, cup holder, pretty bowl, you name it I keep them there.

    Your acorn photo is beautiful. Does collecting them keep the squirrels away?

  2. I'm always changing with the seasons as well, from my taste in food to seasonal decor. I think it's what keeps us fresh. I adore Acorns too, they are so handy for crafting. By the way- I wanted to tell you, that I love the felt scarecrow you are thinking of bringing back. I hope you do.
    Enjoy your acorns, and the Fall season.