Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Vacations Never Last Long Enough

Well here I am back again with more boring vacations photos and stories. So sorry I just couldn't help myself. Honestly I think it all goes back to elementary school when we had to write each year about what you did over your summer vacation. I was always very long winded! So have a seat this could take a while.

When I was going through all the photos feverishly trying to crop myself out, I began to feel so sad. Sad because it will most likely be a whole year before we can go again on any form of vacation.
Yep I could have laid there all day.....and did on more than one occasion.

Now believe me I realize have no reason to complain because we do have a place we go to on weekends,but that in some ways has become another house to clean, repair and grocery shop for! Please don't miss understand we LOVE it there and it is very relaxing. But vacations are totally different they're all about fun and relaxing or WHATEVER YOU WANT TO DO.....yep I still miss it!
It's all about seeing NEW sights,new experiences,new places!
We still are trying to master the self photo hahaha!

After we left Savannah Georgia we headed down to Cocoa Beach Fl. It wasn't our first choice but we decided to stay there because our oldest grandson was on a school trip to Orlando....at the big W.D.W. His health had been an issue lately so we wanted to be close enough that if he had any problems we could get there quick. So since we were in the area we decided to go and see him for a very short visit.They were waiting for all of the kids to arrive so we drove over and had a quick lunch with him and a few of his theater pals.
A new favorite photo of mine!
Say cheese....he is one of the kindest,smartest,and funniest kids you'll ever meet!

 But I'm getting ahead of myself. Before we arrived in Cocoa Beach we made a quick stop in St. Augustine Fl. We really want to go back there and spend more time, it is such a great city.........so much history and Pirate stuff! Yep I am a kid at heart....sadly however my knees are not.
So cool,so much history....history is one of our shared passions!

It was in St. Augustine that I decided I have had it with constant pain and am now planning on having my knee replaced. Well that's a subject for another time, oh and I will be begging all you sweet people out in blogland for lots of prayers too,because you see I am a HUGE chicken!
I promise you he was burning up in this costume. It was at least 100 degrees that day!

But in spite of these crunchy,swollen, knobby knees I walked the fort that I had wanted to see and the Pirate Museum across the street. Sadly the Pirate Museum doesn't allow any photography inside and that's a shame because it is great.  The St. Augustine Pirate & Treasure Museum is great for kids and well big kids too. It's all hands on, and chocked full of fun learning and even more fun pirate experiences. They have the largest collection of real pirate artifacts in the world. Blackbeard, Captain Kid and many more. You can see Captain Kids real treasure chest and his read his last words. You can light a canon, touch a 450 year old pirate chest,and lift a gold bar and see real wanted posters of some of the most famous pirates.
There was one thing missing for us however.......................

We so wished we had our grand-kids with us.... lots of things they would have flipped out over....... well who knows maybe next year!
We spent lots of time on the beach, and so enjoyed the sail boats and the people we came across.
For example this man and his delightful family. We watched them walk the beach gathering seaweed one evening. Each bunch they picked up they would rinse off in the ocean water. They were fun to watch, laughing and talking....they left us wondering about them....and what exactly they would do with all that seaweed. There was an elderly Asian gentleman who arrived at the exact same time each evening to walk and he even stopped at the same spot each time to check his pulse.....I will miss him.
The largest one story building in the world. One star is 6' high.

We visited the Kennedy Space Center one day as well as the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. I highly recommend both! So many times we were in awe of the brave men and women who have gone where most all of us will NEVER go. You can experience and see so many things that I would never be able to list it all.
I bought the kids some fun stuff,and a few things for us too.

Go if you should ever have the chance!The tour is worth every penny! We walked around and drove around the nature reserve and it is something to see!!
As we walked we began to hear a gator,so we high tailed it out of there!

We met a sweet couple from Holland here on vacation and spent a few moments discussing all the places they had visited, and where they were headed after their stay in Cocoa Beach. She is also a blogger  and is expecting their first child. Madiva-Creations is her blog name and I certainly enjoyed meeting them both.
We had a wonderful time and are ready to leave again tomorrow........Vacations are good for whatever ails ya!
3D I-Max movie about living on International Space Station

We played hard,ate too much and spent too much money.We did everything we said we wouldn't do hahaha.....oh well we had a blast! The best part is we lots of memories and photos to enjoy!
Isn't this mailbox a hoot!

So Savannah & Cocoa Beach we sure hope to.............

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  1. Looks like a wonderful summer- some seriously beautiful scenery there!