Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Wonderful Summer Get-Away

              A few nights ago I did something really rare. I say this because I'm usually sewing, Oh who am I kidding I'm always sewing! This rare ocurrance was that I sat down and did nothing.....but read magazines!! I haven't had a lot of spare time lately because I've been preparing for a baby shower I'm hosting soon. Besides that I've also been crazy busy trying to finish editing the rest of our vacation photos. So an evening to just flip leisurely through some magazines was a real treat!!

I was tickled to see a two page story about something that is near and dear to our hearts. Patoka Lake was featured in this months Midwest Living in a story about lake getaways without the crowds. Our family has a small cabin near this lake and this is where we spend most of our summers.

 Patoka Lake is the second largest lake in the state of Indiana, and is a perfect place for all things family! If you like camping,hiking,boating and swimming then this is the perfect place for you.

These days we spend most our weekends just chillin and visiting with family at either our cabin or my brother's new camp site. We don't go on the lake as much we use to and I must admit I do miss it. My brother and his wife bought a place last summer and have just about finished tweaking things. They have now parked their once traveling RV and swear it is forever, no more pulling it in and out! I wish I had some photos of their place finished, because it is simply beautiful.

So each evening as the sun goes down the chillaxin begins! We head around the corner to sit and remove the stresses of the work week.......with a pitcher of frozen margaritas in hand of course! Lately we have been branching out into other fun beverages like mojitos and recently my husbands new specialty, rum punch.

Here we are ready to enjoy a pitcher of something frozen! We still haven't mastered the art of taking a self portait.

A few yrs ago on the lake. Papa and his grandson enjoying a quiet moment on the back of the boat.

When life gets crazy and it always does, I can sit down, take a deep breath and know in a few days we will be heading down to our cozy cabin.

During an evening cruise on our son's boat on Patoka Lake.

I know my posts haven't been coming as often as I would like.....Please bare with me as I struggle to do IT ALL as they say. I guess you really can't do it all,something always gets neglected. But I plan to be back very soon and bore you to death with more of our vacation photos.=)


  1. What an amazing view! That is my kind of place to relax! Love it!!

  2. Oh, lil' Rebecca! I don't suppose your wonderful family would care to adopt a big old, goofy Comanche, would they? Everytime I read your posts & see how truly special you all are, I just want to at least TRY & sneak in somehow! LOL! LOVE YOU TO PIECES, you sweety!