Saturday, August 11, 2012

Space and an Evening Under the Stars

            Have you ever wondered what space smell like? No? I now that I've never thought about it to tell you the truth. But now I am intrigued. Evidently the odor or smell clings to the astronauts space suit,gloves,helmets and even their tools from when they are out working in space. NASA Astronaut Kevin Ford says it a smell he's never smelled before and will never ever forget!

Oh my.....can you just imagine what everything looks like from there, our planet I mean. No politics, no hatred, borders. Just earthlings, all appearing smaller than ants, and all working hard to survive. What an awesome thing to ever be able to experience.

I have Skyview on my IPhone I guess that's as close as I'm ever going to get. I use it often whether I'm inside or outside in the evening. I even sometimes use it at my desk at work. It's a little harder to see but it's still too much fun!I just love knowing where the planets are or where the International Space Station vast...God is incredible!!!

Stop by National Geographic for the answer to what space smells may surprise you.

Tonight we are planning on taking our tractor, some folding chairs and blankets and going out to the center of our property to watch the meteor shower which is suppose to be huge!

This sounds absolutely wonderful to TV, no computers, no lights on.....just sitting or laying on a blanket and waiting for what some say will be a spectacular meteor display!! I sure hope so because with grand-kids they'll be chasing firefly's in no time. So lets see I've got blankets,water bottles, bug spray, and cameras ready....lets hope it's a good show!

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