Saturday, April 7, 2012

Celebrating Easter

       As I prepare for our family to arrive today for our Easter celebration I wanted to wish all of my blog buddies a Happy Easter! I finished up the baskets last night for the kiddos and all of the eggs have been stuffed with tons of goodies. The house is as clean as it's going to get and all 6 acres has been cut and neatly trimmed in preparation for the chaos that will happen today.
You may remember our traditional confetti egg hunt and ultimate egg war. Here are a few photos from last years fun!!
Run Lindsey run haha!!
Family spreading the luck of a confetti egg being cracked on your head!

His clever idea of a scarf tied around his neck still didn't stop the confetti from going down his shirt
I have 10 dozen more for this year. I'm so hoping 46 dozen will be enough. It always goes so fast each year that it is a blur of bright colors flying through the air. Really makes capturing these moments on camera very difficult.
The little kiddos love doing this so much. They asked Papa if he can make them an egg rocket so they can get their Dad's on top of their heads. We couldn't figure out an egg rocket but we did come up with a dollar store sling shot,so we'll see how that works. Everyone must bring a change of clothes and shoes because we get very serious about this tradition! Afterward most of the beautiful colors will end up in my  house....haha!
 After dark we hope to do another egg hunt using glow sticks inside of the eggs. These we have to sneak out in the early evening to hide. So as the sun does down they will begin to show up and glow.

Since my knees are bad and my husband has twisted his knee we will be driving in our little gator and will be launching them as we pass by......moooohahahaha!!! I usually lose my whole bag to one of my sons as they run by and snatch it from me. I am a sitting duck for most everybody. But not this year!!
Either way it is a blast of fun!!

So now I am off to finish all of the last minute touches for today. But before I go I did want to give you a recipe of some Bunny Bait I made last night, it is yummy!! Bloom Designs online blog has recipe for this sweet treat. Stop by and  check it out it is simple, and very pretty. I wish I could have found the Easter M&M it would have looked better, but trust me it stills tastes great!
And if you still need a last minute craft then stop by Rosy-Posy for a tutorial on wet felting Easter eggs. She has a wonderful blog always full of so many great family crafts and recipes.
  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend full on family and friends,and lots of good food...... and a few sweet treats too!
God bless us all as we come together remembering the real reason for this glorious weekend. That Jesus lives!!

HE died for us so that we can live for HIM! Happy Easter!!!


  1. Happy, HAPPY Easter, Rebecca - can't wait to see the pictures from this year...XOXO Tanya

  2. Happy Easter, Rebecca! I do remember the confetti egg battle from last year, and I remember thinking what an amazing idea it is. My opinion hasn't changed! It's such a cool way to celebrate, and I hope you and your family have a blast today!

    Taylor Lynn <3

  3. I am sure you had a wonderful Easter weekend Rebecca! Having your family around you is all anyone needs to have a great time!

  4. You and your family have more fun when you get together...I don't know of another family that does all the neat things you guys do to celebrate!

    Hope you had a fantastic Easter!

    love and hugs, Theanne