Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Another Clever Place To Create

Zakka you've done it again!! Check this out on her blog zakka life.

 She found a fun and creative web site that allows you to create word clouds from your url, or twitter feed  and etc. The web site is called tagxedo . It looks really interesting and it made me wonder if this could be used to create a special valentine gift for someone. I must admit I haven't tried it yet but I certainly will very soon. They show lots of examples of what all you can do with your word clouds. She said it's fairly simple and easy to use......that's good because if not I will need my teenage grandson to help me! I am not from the computer generation.


  1. looks fun...I'm going to go back later and try it!

  2. Hi Jan, it was FUN! I tried it and I love what it can do...I'm thinking I'll do one and create a shirt! Thanks for sharing this! I've found a lot of really cool, interesting stuff through you...thanks for sharing all of it!