Monday, January 30, 2012

Thank Goodness for Distractions

Distractions, busy hands and lots to do,can be a powerful medicine for grief I think. Thoughts and memories still invade my brain but I know it's a process and it takes time. My funny and full of life family have been so supportive and always there to make me laugh and smile.
Can you tell he has a passion for military and survival equipment?Makes it hard to blow out candles!

Like this weekend for example, boy was it a busy one. A few family members drove down to see our oldest grandson perform in another play,and to celebrate our middle grandson's 9th birthday. There's still lots to do in regards to my father's estate,but that can wait for a little while.We all just needed to be together and enjoy the day! It turned out to be a wonderful day full of laughter.....the best medicine!
Grandchildren,nieces and friends,oh my!
Then the big kids decided they'd better test the new Nerf weaponry!
 Another distraction that has helped me greatly has been Pinterest! Oh my I am so addicted. What a fun invention that is. During some of our long days at the hospital taking turns in ICU, Pinterest was a nice way to not think. Everyone had a phone or Ipad in hand surfing the web,playing games, or like me pinning some great finds to my boards. Wow have I found some clever craft ideas,some yummy recipes and some things I may have to save up for!    A balloon T-Rex!!! Key lime cheesecake bars

I have been back to work for a week now,physically but not always mentally. Today I am back to work a little more focused and will be in full swing with my passion which is Hopewell Creek Designs. It's rather scary how the body can just go through the motions doing what has to be done, like driving from point A to point B.....and then realizing you have no memory of the trip.

I am a tad behind schedule on my orders but I'm working hard to catch up. I also have tons of emails to finish catching up on and blogs to stop by and visit. I think besides hugging my grand-kids the one thing I know will help me start to get back to normal is to design something new for my shop. My Dad loved to hear about what I was making and how things were selling. I hope to have a new Campfire up and ready very soon. This idea has been in my head for ages,now I simply have to make it a reality..........or I might actually explode!
So Hello again......... I've missed everybody!!!


  1. no no no don't explode ;-) we'd all miss you to much! so wonderful to have a supportive family to share are blessed Rebecca! Wow how do I find you on Pinterest...I'm addicted too! It is somewhat mindless and being able to go to a fantastic shopping center and pull out all the things that you really love and put them in your own little room where you can go and look at them when ever you want (with no obligation to pay ;-) the no pay part is great! hugs to you, one day at a time, Theanne

  2. hi again this is my Pinterest address ~

  3. Keeping you in my thoughs, Rebecca...hoping for peaceful days ahead. LOVE the photo of the BIG and little kid playing with the Nerf guns...hope the plates on the wall are still intact! XOXO Tanya