Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Heart Is Breaking

          I am sad to say I haven't had a moment to think about writing a post since December 28th. After all the great news about my Father's cancer,we began to notice he was growing weaker,and weaker. In the beginning we thought it was perhaps the side effects of the drug he had started taking. He became so ill that he was hospitalized on the 28th with nearly complete kidney failure. So each and every hour of each and every day has been the most horrendous roller coaster ride of serious health concerns for him,and emotions for us. Without going into detail we believe that he had simply let other health issues go. He kept them from his doctor as well as us. It wasn't his cancer,but another condition that is now threatening his life. His cancer tumors which have shrunk so small that they are no longer a strong concern,according to his oncologist.
So now we pray, and hope, and wait......and of course worry that he will not survive to be able to enjoy this good news.
Life can be so hard but preparing to say goodbye is truly the hardest part of all!


  1. Prayers, prayers, prayers for your Father, Rebecca. I was back in Arizona when my Daddy died, it was sudden in the respect that even though he had health issues I certainly was not expecting it. And Moma was living in Colorado with my sister when she passed and by that time I was caring for Don full time. The main regret I have with Don's passing was that I never made the time to sit down by his bed and say everything that was in my heart...there's only one chance to do that...and now it's too late for me. Perhaps I put it off because it's hard to do...I don't know! Sending you love and (((hugs))) Theanne

  2. Rebecca, I'm sorry to hear that. Know it's heartbreaking to see loved ones go worst. My prayers to your Dad. May God bless him and your family.

    Love from Hong Kong

  3. Last April we lost my father-in-law. The diagnosis was stomach cancer(one of the worse)but he eventually didn't die from this exactly. I am still thinking of him and how suddenly he left us. Loosing someone close is very hard and painful. I hope and wish your father;s organism will be able to win this fight again and be able to enjoy life and his family. My prayers are with you!

  4. Dear Rebecca - keeping your father and you in my heart! XOXO Tanya