Friday, February 17, 2012

A Day in My Crazy Life

        I have been experiencing a writers block of sorts lately. I have been racking my brain for a topic,an idea, but nothing really seemed to come to mind,certainly nothing blog worthy. I just haven't been in a very creative mood. I guess you could say I have the blahs! I know this will pass and it has too because I have too much to do. I sure hope I don't lose followers or even worse bore to death those who stick with me.
I am very grateful for the fact that I work with my family, it does make a difference. On top of everything we have to do to settle my Dad's estate and clear out his condo, it's tax time! Not my favorite time of year to say the least.
So in the mist of all this there was one day this week I had to laugh. My oldest son had an idea of how we could better use Quickbooks so he was trying to show me. Well My brain just wasn't in the mood to learn any new tricks, yes I am an old dog!
You see at the shop I am it for the office staff. Amy works when she can,but she has the kids and that makes it tough for her. So I do most all of it. I answer the phones, I set the appointments, I do the payroll, I pay the bills. So as an example of what our phone system could sound like......for appointments press 1 for Rebecca....for human resources press 2 for Rebecca....for accounts payable press 3 for Rebecca....for accounts receivable press 4 for Rebecca.......for complaints press 5 for Will...hahaha well that part I will pass on!

On this particular day Amy had just arrived and so had my youngest son Jason (right). Well before I knew it everyone was in my little office trying so hard to teach this hard old brain of mine with new ideas. Nope just wasn't the best day for it!
Soon I was on verge of screaming when Amy handed me a tootsie roll sucker and we decided to capture this tender moment of me and my little boys. They are a couple of goof balls and thank goodness for it because it does help to laugh, especially at times when you don't think you can.
 I also had several nice surprises for Valentines Day,one of which was a delish box of chocolates and some beautiful pink roses. There were more roses when I got home from my hubby and some assorted yummy chocolates from the grand-kiddos.
I also wanted to totally veer off topic here and share a couple of photos with my grandsons during the plays they performed in last December. I had intended on writing about the holidays and the fun things we did, but all that changed on December 28th.
So much fun to have both boys in A Christmas Carol at Floyd Central HS
It's always a great moment when my teenage grandson gives me a hug!
Tax time will pass, and with hope, prayers, and of course lots of chocolate I will clear the fog from my brain and then my creative juices will hopefully start flowing again....... I sure hope you all will stick with me while I work through this, and regain my passion for creating toys and blogging!


  1. I'm sure the bloggy (creative) bug will bite again soon! I've had times when I just wanted to pack up my blog(s) and head for the hills...and let's face it I don't have a work outside the home for heavens sake...give yourself a break and enjoy the break! BTW loved your day in your "crazy" life! Do you know something Becky you've inspired me to keep on with this internet thingy...and the art thingy...way back after Don died...I was looking for something to cling to, a reason to get up in the morning! And you had (have) this lovely way of encouraging people to go visit other blogs...and through that encouragement, maybe not directly from your blog, but because of blog surfing through your blog to another and another...I found 2 blogs I LOVE...Sunbasilgarden/Lauren who handmakes fantastic soap and The Itsy Bitsy Spill/Magaly who is a fantastic this very moment I'm taking an online art workshop from Magaly! Love and hugs to you Becky! and thank you!

  2. These photos are look marvelous, despite it all, recently! Happy Unwriter's Block - Happy Weekend...Tanya

  3. Sweet girl, I have been such a LAZY COW about answering lots of blogs lately because, like YOU, I've had work up to my ears. But I'll do better! Scout's honor! And - wow! You are SO BEAUTIFUL! Really! Everyone in your FAMILY better be telling you that EVER SINGLE DAY because you ARE! You also have some gorgeous grandkids! LOVE YOU, REBECCA!!! Bad, lazy (OVERWORKED) Kai

  4. You are so lucky because you have your beautiful family close to you to support you and to cheer you up! I am sure with such a great help you will be able to find your spirits again!

  5. Visiting you right back chic!! Thanks for the visit and the comment. I'm so sorry though to come to your blog and see that you lost your Dad! My heart goes out to you! I will say I get those "writers blocks" too at times, but I always seem to find something even if it's just pictures to share of my country life So where abouts in Southern Indiana? I'm in the South too, but probably a little more North than you. I sit right in between I74 & I70. Hope to chat with you more!

    City Chic on a Farm