Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Witness to Magic

           My daughter in law was recently at our local Target store and witnessed a funny yet amazing moment I just had to share. The store was totally packed with Mother's trying desperately to gather all of their kids school supplies. With many of these Mom's were just as many kids, and their siblings who weren't happy about the process.There isn't anything more stressful than shopping to the sounds of screaming and crying kids,most of us have experienced this with our own. I'm not sure who it's more stressful for the parents or the shoppers lucky enough to get out without their own fussy brood.

Suddenly as if a magic wand had been waved and a spell had been cast,an deafening silence fall over these back to school Target aisles. This naturally peaked her interest and she had to discover what exactly had happened.
Even his red money pouch says S.C. on it. It's all in the details!!
This gentleman was what had happened! Without even uttering a single word had caused something that I bet most of these Mom's had prayed for....... silence...and good behavior, like no one else ever could.Wide eyed jaw dropping looks for all of the little ones who seconds before had been very,very naughty!
God bless this man,and oh how I envy his bravery and his power!! This sweet gentleman who lives somewhere in our community has turned up before as if by magic.
Once a few years ago as we all had to attend my oldest grandson's school choir concert, his little brother just wasn't very happy about it. Of course it wouldn't have taken you long if you were sitting near us to learn his name, since we were saying like a Buddhist chant....Preston sit still....Preston inside voices please.....Preston sit Preston I don't have any candy.....Preston it's almost over, well you get the idea.
This rosy cheeked man and his wife just happened to take a seat directly behind him. I never heard or even noticed them arrive,I can't imagine why (haha), but just like magic there they were. And just like magic and a prayer answered he reached up and tapped Preston on his shoulder. Oh how I wish I had a video of his expression as he turned,to see who was addressing him while he was busy being fussy. This angel dressed in red said "Preston have you been good this year?" He could not find his ability to answer but his face sure showed how much he hoped so!
Not a another word was uttered by Preston,not a wiggle,not a squirm was made. As we turned to leave I smiled to this wonderful stranger and his wife and mouthed Thank You. They both nodded in complete understanding what their presence,and question had meant to us. I feel certain that this is an everyday occurrence to them.
Even his car is red and says Santa Claus, how funny is that? I think this is a wonderful reward for aging and having silver gray hair,to be able to make children smile and behave....WOW what a gift!!
My other daughter-in-law says that he will be returning after several years of retirement to her school  as a teacher. He will teach a class called Career Building.
Hummmm....I just wonder to myself,how many will graduate from this school with an uncontrollable urge to become wee little toy makers.


  1. This is GREAT - hope all is well, Rebecca...and you're getting some relief from the heat. HUGE giveaway through tomorrow night (8 artists) at Old Grey Mare...the link to it, along with pictures of the items, is posted on my blog.

  2. Okay - I KNOW you will think I'm NUTS, but this post made me smile AND cry. In these days of a very hard economy, of a huge amount of crime, and unheard of natural disasters, how beautiful to happen upon a bit of tangible magic. I am almost 61 years old, & I STILL BELIEVE in Santa Claus - well, in his SPIRIT & his message. And I just love that you encounter him now & then. Your post made my day! LOVE YOU!

  3. How sweet! He certainly looks authentic enough to impact the behavior of young ones. I wonder if he'll return to his teaching job in his Santa attire? You'll have to keep us informed. lol

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage