Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Jumping For Joy!!

        Well if I had better knees I sure would. A few weeks ago I received a message in my Etsy store from an editor of an online magazine. She said that they were interested in using my Campfire in their next issue. Well I was ecstatic to say the least and said yes of course followed by a lot of silly thank you,thank you, thank you.
The online publication is called Babiekins Magazine.

This magazine is a breath of fresh air for today's Mom. Each page is chocked full of very hip and fun clothes for kids.

It is also full of other items such as toys and party ideas and stories and well....... my Campfire!!
I love how they featured the items. Now my little Campfire is like a piece of art,it looks like a Rembrandt to me. I am so,so very grateful for this and excited, since this magazine is seen worldwide.

During my insane frenzy this morning of flipping pages to see if I was included...I did notice a lot of great items that I now have to go back and check out....oh darn it...haha!

Wish we'd had things like this, you know the INTERNET!!......back in the stone age when I had small kids. I remember how hard it was just to find cute boys clothes,which is why I learned to sew in the first place. Now I sew almost constantly.

I do owe a huge THANK YOU to a dear friend named Joyce who taught me how to use my sewing machine and how to make a dart correctly.That's back when I had more time and no money( well one out two have changed) so sewing became the only recourse for my household. Boy ole boy the things I made out of an old pair of worn out denim jeans. I learned to save anything and everything that could be re-used or re-purposed. Now do so is fashionable and "green",but back then for me, it was the only way to live.

Please stop by Babiekins Magazine and take a look at all of the incredible photography,and articles,not to mention the jaw dropping beauty of these kids in this issue 6, as well as all the other past issues.

Thank goodness for venues like this, it is such a blessing for us Etsy shop owners.

I hope they know just how much it means to us to be noticed!

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